When Alzheimers hits your family

January 28, 2009 at 2:50 am Leave a comment

For 74 years my father battled one challenge after another.  He won against odds that would defeat most people. Including me. He survived alcoholism. Giving it up at 37 and staying sober until this day. Then smoking caught up to him. At 53 he lost everything to a heart attack that ,according to his doctor, should have killed him. He survived that. Although it cost him his business and home. The next battle was diabetes. Somehow through his stubbornness and grit he worked himself off the insulin. The miracle of  good eating and exercise. Again his doctors were astounded.

But then Alzheimers creeped into his life. After surviving all of these odds and working until the very end, this pernicious disease robbed him of his home, job and memory. What are we without our memories? Yet, he is fighting it.

One day your father is working, traveling, driving, and living a productive and vital life, and then he can’t. He can’t remember to pay his bills, what bank he uses, whether it’s a Sunday or a workday, how to drive etc… Of all the diseases we battle this is one of the worst.

His life changed and our lives changed. He lost his job and health insurance. He could no longer remember the basics such as when he ate or last  took his meds. He could no longer take care of himself.

The family rallied to get him help. It wasn’t easy. So many things turned upside down. But we got him the help he needed.  We argued and cried, but in the end he’s getting the best care available.

It so happened that during this same period both of my in-laws suffered from delibitating strokes that robbed them of their independence. My wife had her hands full too.

During this time, there were moments when I felt overwhelmed, but through meditation and carefully scripted hypnosis, I was able to stay positive, focused and most of all-helpful.  I am now using hypnosis to help my father with his memory and we are seeing amazing results.

If you feel life is getting you down, contact me. I can help.





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